Clinical characteristics and prognostic analysis of Krukenberg tumor


Krukenberg tumor is a rare metastastic tumor of the ovary, characterized by poor prognosis. In order to analyze the clinical characteristics and prognostic factors, we retrospectively investigated 128 patients who were diagnosed with Krukenberg tumor between January, 1990 and December, 2010. The median patient age was 48 years. The median overall survival (OS) of Krukenberg tumor for all patients was 16 months (95% CI: 15-19 months). The median OS among patients with Krukenberg tumors of gastric, colorectal, breast and other origins (including appendix, gallbladder, small intestine and unknown primary) was 11, 21.5, 31 and 19.5 months, respectively (P<0.0001). In the univariate analysis, synchronous metastasis, no chemotherapy, ovarian metastasis beyond the pelvis, ascites and no metastasectomy were identified as significant poor prognostic factors. The multivariate analysis suggested that synchronous metastasis (P=0.0080), pelvic invasion (P=0.0138), ascites (P<0.0001) and no metastasectomy (P=0.0060) were independent factors for predicting unfavorable OS. It was suggested that the prognosis of Krukenberg tumor is dismal and ovarian metastasectomy may prove beneficial. Adequate treatment planning is required for this group of patients.

In Mol Clin Oncol

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